Why IBS?

The growing demands of the high powered global business environment requires new and up to date soft business skills from current and future employees. It is therefore imperative that you ‘stand out from the crowd’. We believe that on successful completion of these soft skills you will have necessary requirements to empower your organisation.

The approved international courseware has been developed to enhance the candidates’ vision for business soft skills whilst being able to appreciate and acquire skills in a broad range of topics that are relevant to everyday business.  This is why IBS programmes/courses have been designed and developed with two key aims in mind, which run concurrently through all awards.

The first key aim is that the learner will benefit from a personal perspective by developing skills that will enable them to embark confidently on a successful business career.

The second main aim is that businesses in which the learner is currently employed, or about to be employed by, will also benefit as the learner engages with topics that are at the forefront of modern day business techniques.