International Business Skills (IBS) is a British based company with over 25 years of expertise and knowledge in education and training, both in the UK and the Middle East.  IBS offer flexible, on-demand training solutions across the globe and also offer bespoke training for clients on request.  International Business Skills are globally recognised soft skills that are learned and delivered through the use of approved courseware.  This courseware has been developed to prepare candidates from all walks of life with the necessary soft skills required to progress onto higher professional or academic qualifications.

IBS offer real world, non-industry specific qualifications, which can be used by candidates to improve job prospects and prove their commitment to developing a deeper understanding of business as a whole.  We provide business soft skills training, complete with certification, enabling anyone with the drive and determination to gain professional qualifications in business.

Our courses have been developed to provide candidates with both a practical and theoretical understanding of each subject, equipping them with the soft skills necessary to compete in a modern business environment.  The practical element is achieved through individual and group exercises, as well as tutorials, to engage the candidates and immerse them in the material, thereby providing a working knowledge of the subject area.  The theoretical element is achieved through course books and tutor led sessions, which provide the candidates with a deeper understanding of each subject to reinforce their practical learning.

Our International client base comprises of educators, government bodies, regional authorities and employers from a vast range of industry sectors who seek the aptitude, knowledge and proficiency to enhance the development of their employees and students to the highest standard.